We are people powered

We bring an abundance of experience as founders, technologists, commercial operators and investors. Hailing from 16 different countries, our team has experience spanning start-ups, consulting, academia and Fortune 5000 companies. Together we believe that AI is the most transformational technology of our generation—and a force for good.

Our common principles

We believe AI is a people's business

...Technology isn't the exclusive domain of the happy few who understand its complexity. We take pride in making the power of AI accessible in the day-to-day workflow of people-driven companies. We believe in building tech products that are human and intuitive.

We deliver measurable impact

... In our 'Lab to Impact' approach, we partner with like-minded innovative companies to understand and solve business-critical challenges with pioneering AI approaches. Our products are designed to benefit your enterprise in concrete and measurable ways, such as proven efficiency gains, better decisions, the better utilisation of your talent.

We help professionals focus on what matters most

... We are here to power your work. We build cutting-edge AI products that are trustworthy and easy to use. Our products get smarter over time, letting you focus on what matters the most.

We are dedicated to diversity in tech

... Magic happens when you bring in different perspectives. We have a history of cultivating diversity through our thoughts, approaches, skill sets, and our extensive technical knowledge. We are committed to expanding diversity in our organization so that we can learn and innovate faster, problem-solve better and ultimately, be more successful with our products and as people.

We believe trust is paramount

...Reliability and fairness form the foundation of our products. We are ISO 27001 certified Our data and servers are hosted in the EU. We are also founding members of the AI and Big Data norm commission, working on standardising bias and risk management.

We believe in the people behind our AI

... We are a team of innovative outside-the-box thinkers, at the forefront of technical knowledge and cutting-edge techniques. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do.

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