Elizabeth Dyas
May 5, 2022
4 min read

Sentinels Acquired by Fenergo

Irish regtech unicorn Fenergo has finalised their acquisition of our beloved first venture, Sentinels

On April 25, Sentinels announced their acquisition by Irish regtech unicorn Fenergo. For us we exit Sentinels and are excited to see what Joost and his team do next.

As anyone involved in the startup ecosystem knows: it is all about the right founder. They should have deep domain experience—ideally with first-hand experience of the pain her product will solve. They should be able to inspire others with their vision. They should be able to execute. And above all, they should have tremendous grit.

Our experience building Sentinels shaped how we spot, assess, complement, and support founders on their early journey for the greatest possible chance of success.

Our colleague Heather took a look back at the founder journey of Joost and his team. Her recollections and "founder fundamentals" can be found in this Medium article.