Tara Paramartha
August 11, 2022
3-min read

Uncover: Our Latest Co-Build

Announcing our newest co-build venture: Uncover

In April, we started working together with a pair of dedicated lawyers in our mission to improve people’s work. We're happy to introduce you to Uncover, the newest venture in our portfolio! 

Uncover was created to help free up litigators' time and help them focus on what matters most: winning cases. As lawyers themselves, co-founders Caroline and Ingrid experienced the troubles first-hand. Lawyers spend too much time ploughing through case files which results in inefficiency and burnout. To solve this, together with Slimmer AI, Caroline and Ingrid started building an AI-powered case management solution for litigation lawyers. 

The Uncover platform, powered by recent advances in text extraction and named entity recognition, allows litigators to structure, manage, and analyse legal case files swiftly and more efficiently. Slimmer AI's extensive experience in venture building, combined with Caroline and Ingrid's expertise in the legal field, creates a solid foundation for Uncover. In five months, they've signed 5 launching customers who have gone live with an MVP!

This is just the beginning of Uncover’s journey. We are working on more exciting things, and can’t wait to see how Uncover impacts the legal industry. 

Our CEO, JC Heyneke, explains more in our Medium article, the reasons why we’re thrilled to build Uncover.