Slimmer AI
January 12, 2022
1 min read

Using Graph Neural Network (GNN) to Give Recommendations

Reviewing multiple GNN techniques for recommendation systems

Santhosh Rajamanickam, machine learning engineer at Slimmer AI, delved into a range of GNN models and how it can help give recommendations to users in his latest article published on Towards Data Science, entitled Graph Neural Network (GNN) Architectures for Recommendation Systems”.

He mentions that he only scratched the surface as he reviewed six different GNN models. In the article, he also explains the fundamental concepts of GNN and how it can be used in recommendation systems.

At Slimmer AI, we’ve developed several products with a recommendation component. Hence, it is important for us to explore the various techniques and models available for recommendation systems.

To know how to choose the right GNN model, read more here.

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