JC Heyneke
August 3, 2021
2 min read

Why We Are Excited to Co-build Biller

Partnering with 3 founders to bring B2C flexibility to B2B commerce

Slimmer AI recently partnered with 3 founders — Derek Vreeburg, Mick Gromotka, and Uwe van Rensburg — to build Biller, a next-generation B2B payments platform that will harness applied AI in instantaneous credit decisions. This will allow any business to seamlessly make online purchases on invoice.

Biller fits Slimmer AI’s mission to apply AI to power peoples’ work. We build products and ventures to help people make better decisions and do less routine work. With Biller, partnering with the deep industry knowledge of Derek, Mick, and Uwe, we can realize the promise of utilising machine learning to reshape the way fraud and credit risk assessments are undertaken in real-time in B2B commerce. And the opportunity is HUGE. The Global B2B e-commerce market is $6.6T and is expected to grow at 18% CAGR driven by the digitalisation of the segment.

Here are our top 3 reasons for being bullish on Biller:


The right team: The Biller founding team has more than 30 years of experience in the payment industry serving at companies like Klarna, Mollie, Yolt, and Rocket Internet. During this time, they saw first-hand the myriad challenges businesses face when trying to buy and sell online via invoice. Specifically, they saw the need for an effortless process combined with more accurate credit and fraud checks, inspiring them to quit their jobs to start Biller with Slimmer AI.


The right opportunity: Biller is an AI-powered buy now, pay later invoicing solution for online merchants selling to other businesses. We’ve seen the incredible potential of this model in the consumer sector. Now Biller will ensure a B2C-like experience for B2B buyers: helping merchants get closer to their customers, all while reducing risk, streamlining back-office processes, and optimising cash flow.


AI as a differentiator: Derek, Uwe, and Mick have big plans for Biller, and they had always envisioned AI to be a significant part of their value proposition. Real-time, AI-powered credit and fraud checks, flexible payment terms, personalised debtor management, and guaranteed payouts are all areas that Biller are now best positioned to improve through their collaboration with Slimmer AI.

There are many more factors that go into our venture assessment criteria, as we evaluate early-stage B2B SaaS opportunities across Europe. You can learn more about the Slimmer AI venture studio approach via my recent blog post here.

We are thrilled to partner with Biller and welcome them to our portfolio!