We believe in people powered AI

Magic happens when people bring in different perspectives. Coming from more than 16 countries, we’re an experienced team of founders, curious engineers, tech-savvy marketeers, experienced investors, and seasoned commercial operators. We share a common passion: apply AI to change the way people work.

Find the role for you

Slimmer AI is a venture studio with offices in Amsterdam and Groningen. We help build, launch, and scale B2B AI businesses with exceptional founders.

We offer a fun, innovative, and dynamic environment where you will have a high level of autonomy and responsibility in your work, meet great people to collaborate with, and see your work make a difference in the real world. With us you can build great AI software companies and a career in tech.

A few traits we share

While we're a diverse group of people with different expertise, we all have a few things in common:

Curiosity: we always look for new and better ways to do things, we love asking questions

Experimentation mindset: we are iterative and agile—not only in our software development but in everything we do at Slimmer AI!

Proactivity: we act without being told what to do; we demonstrate extreme ownership

Teamwork: we are collaborative, always putting the team first; we value a diversity of viewpoints

Integrity: we speak plainly and truthfully; we deliver what we promise; we don't cut corners

Working at Slimmer AI doesn’t feel like work, because you get to do the things you’re passionate about while being surrounded by really awesome people!
Sohi Sudhir

Sohi Sudhir

Machine learning engineer, NLP specialist

The way we work trusts and supports our people to do their best work
  • Flexible work and support for your home office
  • Team incentives and rewards based on Slimmer AI success; referral bonuses for helping us grow with great talent
  • Ongoing professional development support in the form of budget and programs
  • Insurance and pension services; support for bike purchases
  • 25 days holiday, extra days for your birthday, wedding or move
  • A transparent and inclusive culture, for example we have a whole-company weekly "huddle" to share updates, successes and lessons learned

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Join our team

We are changing the way people work through applied-AI software: supporting founders as they build, launch, and scale B2B AI businesses.

We're always looking for talent to join our team, is that you? Reach out to Heather via the direct links below or fill out the form and we will be in touch shortly.

Heather Devereaux

Heather Devereaux

People & founders champion