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Why an 'ethical' AI approach isn't enough to protect human rights

In part 1 of a 5-part series on Medium, Slimmer AI Senior Advisor Dr. Lottie Lane maps out the corporate responsibility for AI and human rights. Although many companies follow a code of AI ethics, this is still not enough to cover important matters such as transparency, privacy and bias. A combination of a human rights approach and ethics guidelines paints a fuller picture of how businesses should develop harmless technology.

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About the author

Dr Lottie Lane is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Transboundary Studies at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands. Dr Lane has a strong background in business and human rights, having co-founded the Netherlands Network for Human Rights Research Working Group on Business and Human Rights and has acted as cochair since its foundation in 2018. Lottie is an active participant and a speaker at conferences on business and human rights. Numerous of Dr Lane’s publications concern business and human rights issues, including peer-reviewed articles in international journals, book chapters and blog posts. Lottie is also a member of the Editorial Board of Springer Nature Social Sciences and has organized numerous international events dealing with her research topic.