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AI venture studio Slimmer AI Labs opens its office in one of Amsterdam’s tech hubs

Former entrepreneur and McKinsey manager, Giuseppe Lacerenza chooses to build new generation AI ventures with the Slimmer AI "Lab-to-impact" approach right in the heart of European innovation.

  • Slimmer Labs is the outcome of eleven years of experience in applied AI.
  • Real-world-proven, “Lab-to-impact” approach to build people-centric AI products.
  • Slimmer AI Sentinels (AML and transaction monitoring solution) - a first venture built with this approach.
  • The recent research by BCG Henderson Institute shows that only 10% of companies notice any financial benefits from their AI investments. Having a venture studio model increases significantly that success rate.

Slimmer AI had launched AI venture studio - Slimmer Labs. This followed the successful launch earlier this year of fintech startup Sentinels, an innovative AI-driven AML and transaction monitoring solution.

Through Slimmer Labs, Slimmer AI is applying its real-world, "Lab-to-impact" approach to build new AI ventures. Slimmer Labs is to prolong the rich Slimmer AI’s history of working together with companies to asses and solve their critical business challenges. Slimmer Labs will keep building partnerships with innovative sector leaders to jointly create new AI software products and ventures.

Slimmer Labs has recently opened its first office in the heart of Amsterdam, sharing the TNW innovation hub with companies like Stripe, Plaid and Miro. The AI venture studio leads tech advancements together with 100 other promising startups contributing to the vibrant ecosystem that collectively is the first employment engine in The Netherlands.

“The recent acceleration in digitization increased our enthusiasm for the potential of AI technology to transform businesses. Within Slimmer Labs we are focusing on the application of our deep reservoir of proven machine learning technology on the multitude of novel needs in the market.” - JC Heyneke, CEO Slimmer AI.

Innovation in Slimmer Labs is already well underway. Current prototypes in include solutions to simplify securing privacy and confidential information process by anonymizing unstructured data, solutions to improve executive talent search, and solutions that leverage proprietary entity disambiguation technology. Slimmer Labs plans to launch at least one more new product yearly in the course of the next five years.

Slimmer AI is thrilled to have hired Giuseppe Lecerenza to lead Slimmer Labs, an INSEAD and Delft alumnus whose background includes entrepreneurship in the technology.

“Recent BCG Henderson Institute research shows that only 10% of the companies get significant financial benefits out of AI. This is because they fail to scale and forget to orchestrate the interaction between man and machine. With our disciplined venture studio model, combining top tech and business skills, we mitigate these risks. Within Slimmer Labs we develop AI products that scale and integrate with the workflow of the customer. This way we can unlock the full value of applied AI.” - Giuseppe Lacerenza, Managing Director of Slimmer AI Labs.

About Slimmer AI - Slimmer AI develops AI software products that support industries, solve real-world challenges and takes professionals into the future. This includes Sentinels - the innovative financial risk and compliance transaction monitoring AI technology, Science - the custom AI solutions for scientific information dissemination, and Slimmer Labs - the venture studio. For more information go to

About Slimmer Labs - With more than a decade of experience solving some of the most critical business problems using pragmatic AI, Slimmer AI brings our Lab-to-impact scalable approach with the Slimmer AI venture studio. We achieve this by leveraging both our past and present expertise. We have a significant experience in deploying AI solutions, an extensive network of successful entrepreneurs and a talented team of in-house innovators with a passion for development. For more information go to

About Giuseppe Lacerenza - Giuseppe Lacerenza is an experienced leader, having both entrepreneurship and consultancy backgrounds. Prior to joining Slimmer Labs Giuseppe worked as an Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company, focusing on technology, media and telecom (TMT). Giuseppe holds an MBA from INSEAD, serving as VP of their Entrepreneurship Club. In his role as a Managing Director of Slimmer Labs, he is responsible for developing new products and ventures using Slimmer AI’s proven "Lab-to-impact" approach. For more information go to