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Appointment of Dr Lottie Lane as Senior Advisor of Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights at Slimmer AI

Closing the gap between human rights and AI-driven businesses

Lottie Lane, PhD, Assistant Professor at the Department of Transboundary Legal Studies at the University of Groningen, becomes Slimmer AI's Senior Advisor on Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights. Dr Lane’s appointment is part of Slimmer AI’s continued commitment to ethical and responsible AI practices, and our firm belief in effective cooperation between industry, academia and government policy.

The existing international human rights law framework has limited space for private businesses developing AI, which are not legally bound to follow the standards. Although companies all over the world increasingly engage with human rights issues, there are no specific regulations that clarify the day-to-day requirements for enterprises such as Slimmer AI.

Dr Lane’s role as Senior Advisor on Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights will further her research and provide answers to these emerging questions. Responsible and ethical AI are part of Slimmer AI’s founding principles and supported by several company-wide initiatives including policies on data protection, transparency, explainability and security. Dr Lane’s appointment will allow Slimmer AI to create and expand their governance around product development and the launch of new ventures.

Identifying a key gap in the current research, Dr Lane is a pioneer in the field of connecting human rights to AI corporate responsibility. Her research will also address how AI and human rights should be regulated at the international policy level to best protect human rights given the limitations of the legal framework. This will require critically evaluating existing and potential human rights standards for AI businesses.

"I am thrilled to be working with Slimmer AI to draw on their impressive technological expertise and to gain their insight into what standards are feasible in practice regarding the development of AI." - Dr Lottie Lane
"Slimmer AI is one of a handful of companies this size with such solid AI expertise in-house. It's not only our strongest value, but also our most serious responsibility, to deliver a highly ethical product. We believe that AI is meant to improve people's work, not to replace them. We take a pragmatic approach to delivering new products. Working closely with Dr Lottie allow us to advance to take the subject of corporate responsibility a step further."- JC Heyneke, CEO, Slimmer AI

About Lottie Lane, PhD

Dr Lottie Lane is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Transboundary Studies at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands. Dr Lane has a strong background in business and human rights, having co-founded the Netherlands Network for Human Rights Research Working Group on Business and Human Rights and has acted as cochair since its foundation in 2018. Lottie is an active participant and a speaker at conferences on business and human rights. Numerous of Dr Lane’s publications concern business and human rights issues, including peer-reviewed articles in international journals, book chapters and blog posts. Lottie is also a member of the Editorial Board of Springer Nature Social Sciences and has organized numerous international events dealing with her research topic.

About the University of Groningen, Faculty of Law

Dr Lane’s research on business, AI and human rights forms part of the ‘Rethinking public interests in private relationships’ focus area of the Dutch Sectorplan Social Sciences and Humanities. Dr Lane forms part of the core ‘REPP’ team at the Faculty of Law at the University of Groningen, a cross-disciplinary research initiative on the interaction between public interests and private interests in multi-layered legal systems. Dr Lane is also a member of the faculty’s Department of Transboundary Legal Studies, which comprises legal researchers investigating the boundaries of and within the law in the context of complex social issues that transcend borders. Main areas of research include public international law, international human rights law, law and philosophy, European law, and technology law.

About Slimmer AI

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