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Explainable AI in practice - Ayla Kangur

Slimmer AI Machine Learning Engineer, Science Team Product Owner, and our Responsible AI ambassador, Ayla Kangur published an article on how transparency can improve the AI-powered products on December 24th, 2020.

Ayla’s was a hit on the Medium forum, instantly reaching nearly 2k views. With this early success, Medium selected the article for further distribution, resulting in Google to index the piece as a recommendation in Chrome search. The article has now also been featured in the "Towards Data Science" publication as the Editor's choice.

In the article titled "Explainable AI in practice", Ayla covers the subject of transparent AI, and provides several industry examples of how using the approach incorrectly, or not using it at, can affect product impact and outcomes. Ayla also walks the reader through her experience at Slimmer AI and the products we've developed so far.

Is there a universal cookbook to transparent and ethical AI? To be very transparent about this, probably not. Nevertheless, Slimmer AI's approach, developed over the years with over 100 successful AI projects, has consistently proved to bring measurable results to our clients and has provided real-world impact.

"There has been quite a bit of debate around black box AI models being applied to real-world problems. Common AI models have become so large and complex, that even the developers and product managers building the thing don’t exactly know what kind of decisions it will make..." To read more, please go to Explainable AI in practice

It's thanks to our engineers like Ayla that Slimmer AI can build the People Powered solutions that will shape the future. Thank you, Ayla, for sharing your vision and representing Slimmer AI, not only as a Machine Learning expert but also as our Responsible AI ambassador.