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Slimmer AI and Sentinels celebrate International Women's Day

To celebrate International Women's Day, we have surveyed our team to get their perspective on diversity, leadership and equality in the tech industry.

We were pleased to hear from many people at Slimmer AI and Sentinels on this topic, as diversity matters to all of us. We've collected their feedback in the following article.

Here's what they said:

I think we should have more women in leadership positions. I have the greatest respect for Laura, Stefanie, Gineke and many other excellent leaders in our company.

Joost van Houten

Joost van Houten

Founder and CEO of Sentinels

Women often look at things from a different perspective / angle which is good for every company. Women can be as passionate as men when it comes to technology and research. - Valentin Bajrami, DevOps Engineer at Sentinels
[It] would be better if the gender ratio in leadership positions was more even. More differences generally give more insights and a larger chance of good ideas - Jasper Krebbers, Software Engineer/Machine Learning Engineer at Sentinels
Diversity in tech is in bad shape when you consider representation. It's slowly improving, slowly being the key thing. Equality in terms of compensation I can't say that much about. I feel at Slimmer AI everyone's taken equally seriously. - Rieks Visser, Senior Scrum Master at Sentinels
A company, or more generally, a group of people with a common purpose has a better chance at adapting to change and ultimately reaching the shared goal by having a diverse composition. A representation of society would be a good start. - Marc Weeber, Head Of Engineering at Slimmer AI
Everyone should have an equal chance of getting into a leadership position and there should be some diversity at all levels. Having women in those positions also can boost the confidence of women in a non-leadership role (acting as a role-model). - Sybren Jansen, Head of AI, Slimmer AI
People holding executive/leadership roles possess qualities that inspire other employees. Such leaders are hard to find in general. If they are women I think they should be considered even more valuable and they should be better incentivized. It tells a lot about a company and its values when women hold leadership positions. I can also imagine they would be more active in ensuring gender equality throughout an organization. - Santhosh Rajamanickam, Machine Learning Engineer at Slimmer AI
There's currently a shortage of ICT professionals all over the world, which could easily be filled if there was gender equality. I think there's still a lot of stereotyping going on in early education. I suggest giving young girls (and boys) a book about C programming :) - Wendel Schaatsbergen, Senior Software Engineer at Slimmer AI


I'm a believer in diversity in general. Diversity of background. Diversity of ways of thinking. It makes better products and it builds better businesses. I believe that there should be equal opportunity for all in tech, but it will mean addressing diversity challenges in the education system first (i.e. more women studying math and computer science).

Ultimately, I believe in hiring for competency and capability. I have worked for some incredible women in my career, and they remain mentors, coaches and lifelong friends. I would love to see more women senior leaders in technology!

Heather Deveraux

Heather Deveraux

AI Industry Partnerships (Innovation) | Venture Commercial Advisor


I previously worked at a very fun company, but unfortunately, no other employees were female, which occasionally made me stand out more than I liked. I have therefore thoroughly enjoyed the last five years at Slimmer where I get to collaborate, socialize and joke around with both my male and female colleagues.

Ayla Kangur

Ayla Kangur

Sr. Machine Learning Engineer | Head of Responsible AI


I think it's important to have BOTH men and women in a work environment. It is like yin and yang; our (sometimes conflicting) qualities and strengths will create a stronger and more balanced team. "Equality wins!"

Ingeborg van Keulen

Ingeborg van Keulen

Machine Learning Engineer

It was inspiring to see how engaged our team was about diversity in technology and why they think it matters.

There is still a lot of work to be done before we can talk about equality and inclusion at all levels. This work starts from the environment and culture at Slimmer AI, and we can proudly say that we all work towards that goal.

Happy International Women's Day, everyone!