Internet of Things: Business Value from the Intelligent Swarm

From Big Data to ‘Smart’ Data

As part of an ongoing collaboration between the University of Groningen (RUG) and Slimmer AI (aka: Target Holding BV), the Intelligent Swarm (De Intelligente Zwerm) project is aimed at supporting small and medium-sized enterprises to convert their “Big Data” into ‘smart data’. The ambition of this groundbreaking project is to unlock the promise of “Big Data” to support industry questions and challenges, with a focus on increasing profitability and commercial outcomes.

The “Internet of Things: Business Value from the Intelligent Swarm” project has been funded by the European Fund for Regional Development under the ERDF Operational Program, Tender Valorisation C 2017. This is part of a more than 8M Euro investment by the European Fund for Regional Development in support of a multi-year program accelerating industry and academic collaboration and accelerating the commercial growth of small-to-midsize companies in the area.

The Intelligent Swarm project focuses on accelerated prototyping and development of innovative services and products. Four market segments with big data opportunities were selected:

  • Healthy aging and lifestyle
  • Smart energy use
  • Vehicle data and mobility
  • Environmental measurements

Additionally, Slimmer AI partnered with RUG and other industry thought leaders in the development of the ‘Facts and Fakes’ checker -- both for media information and scientific data -- inspired by the idea that reliable data validation will be the next major step in Big Data systems and social & news networks.

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