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Think outside the ‘black’ box

How glass box models can provide X-AI without compromising results

Our Machine Learning Engineer, Bas Roelenga, published an article on Medium about black and glass box models. Explainable AI has become more and more important over the years in our data driven world. Being able to explain your predictions is crucial when working with sensitive data. In this blogpost Bas examines and analyses how we can achieve state of the art performance while also maintaining explainability. This article also demonstrates how explainable AI is being used at Slimmer AI.

"Artificial Intelligence plays a big role in our daily lives. AI is being used everywhere, from our search queries on Google to self-driving vehicles such as Tesla. With the use of deep learning, the models used in these applications have become even more complex. In fact, they are so complex that in many cases we have no idea how these AI models reach their decisions."- To read more, please go to Think outside the ‘black’ box.