A tech company passionate about building things

As a team of applied AI engineers, we love solving real-world problems by applying the latest AI technology. To deliver operational and impactful solutions, we leverage machine learning, data, backend, frontend, UX, DevOps, and MLOps capabilities.

Through applied AI software building activities we continuously develop and expand our applied AI capability and capacity.

What we offer you

Illustration of MVP Award
MVP building
As your technical co-founder we'll build an MVP in record time. Speed is critical to startup success: speed to user feedback, speed to data, and speed to market. And we build it right so you're ready for scaling and advanced AI.
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AI Roadmap
To grow really big, a startup needs to have a compelling long-term technical moat for data and AI. We help create not just the vision, but the detailed long-term roadmap. Using our capacity and capability to help you execute.
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Corporate Products
Bespoke AI solutions
We work with select corporate partners as their AI products partner to develop operational solutions that have a material impact on their business. We solve tough problems and get it done fast.
Investing in innovation

To be the best builders, we stay on top of the latest technology. Not just reading about it, but getting our hands dirty so we know when and how to implement it.

  • Innovation Fellowship Program: This program allows ML and SW engineers dedicated time to learn and experiment with the latest AI tech.
  • Knowledge Cafes: The team loves to share the latest innovations they have discovered; portfolio companies are also invited to attend and share.
  • Blog posts: As part of a commitment to share within the broader tech community, the team regularly writes articles and shares code open source.

Here's a snapshot of the tech team

Sybren Jansen

Sybren Jansen

Senior machine learning engineer; driving AI innovation
Marc Weeber

Dr. Marc Weeber

Senior software engineer; driving corporate AI product development
Michael Bergeron

Michael Bergeron

Senior software engineer; driving software innovation
Ayla Kangur

Ayla Kangur

Senior machine learning engineer; responsible AI specialist

Stephan Tulkens

Dr. Stephan Tulkens

Senior machine learning engineer; computational linguistics specialist
Bas Roelenga

Bas Roelenga

Machine learning engineer; NLP and computer vision specialist
Artur Barseghyan

Artur Barseghyan

Senior back-end engineer; product development
Lottie Lane

Dr. Lottie Lane

Human rights and AI specialist; professor at RUG

Network Image Black and White
Blog article
Graph Neural Network (GNN) Architectures for Recommendation Systems
Santhosh Rajamanickam, machine learning engineer
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Explainable AI in Practice
Blog article
Explainable AI in Practice
Ayla Kangur, senior machine learning engineer
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Open source code
MPIRE for Python: MultiProcessing Is Really Easy
Sybren Jansen, senior machine learning engineer
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