Empowering your founder journey

We’re unlike any other venture studio, accelerator, incubator, or VC. An invested co-builder: we're a tech company in love with building great things—tech, products, teams, and businesses.
With the tech and commercial experience to make a difference, our focus makes us the best partner. We only do AI, B2B, SaaS, early stage.
Get the startup phase right
Raising capital is often not enough—hands-on support during the startup phase can make all the difference.​ The venture studio model leverages serial entrepreneur experience and ready resources to avoid pitfalls and accelerate growth.​
And it sets you up potential blowout success by getting foundational decisions right.
Meet our founders

Fast, experienced & focused

We’re fast: We get an MVP to market in 3 months. While others are still trying to hire their teams, our founders leverage Slimmer AI’s engineers to launch a product and start iterating based on market feedback.
We’re experienced: Founders benefit from the lessons learned through our serial entrepreneurship. We have decades of experience; our advisors have successfully built unicorns.
We’re focused: We’re highly specialised and only build 1-2 new companies at a time. We do not spread our resources, attention, and bets widely.
I know better than to think I can do it all myself. Slimmer AI is pushing our ambition while providing practical hands-on support to me and my team. ​
Alexander Sterk, Vesper
Co-founder & CEO
What you can expect from us
Start-up founders should focus only on product and customers; everything else is a distraction. We help you:
Build an MVP applied-AI product
Define your AI strategy and product roadmap
Refine your go-to-market strategy and land great launching customers
Assemble a super-strong leadership team
Get ready for fundraising
And we’re flexible. You might not need support in all of these areas, so every partnership is bespoke.
Build with us
A snapshot of your co-building team

JC Heyneke

Product expert with 25+ years of B2B product building and selling experience​

Heather Devereaux

Commercial expert with 25+ years of B2B product building and selling experience​

Jennifer Jaffe

Product expert with 25+ years experience building products, teams, and businesses

Sybren Jansen

AI expert with an MSc in AI and 7+ years of experience in building real-world AI solutions

Virginio Midili

Growth expert with 8+ years experience helping tech companies scale​

Saumitra Dubey

Tech investment expert with 7+ years of experience in VC and investment banking

Giuseppe Lacerenza

Startup expert with experience in VC, consulting, and entrepreneurship​

Pieter Warnars

Finance expert on financial planning, transactions, financial steering