Slimmer AI
February 2, 2024
4 min read

Why We Believe in Qneiform

Talent is complicated. Identifying the ideal candidate is still frustratingly difficult. Talent information on platforms like LinkedIn is mostly inadequate – either incomplete, inaccurate (it is self-reported after all), or impossible to relate (is a ‘leverage finance’ expert doing the same thing as an ‘acquisition finance’ expert?). When one gets a long- or short list of candidates from a headhunter, it is impossible to know if it actually represents the complete talent landscape.

Enters Qneiform, a solution that empowers recruitment professionals with the most complete and accurate talent data at their fingertips, and the means to navigate it effectively. The result is an instant and unprecedentedly comprehensive research process, allowing recruiters to prioritise building relationships and making better placements instead of wasting hours struggling to find information they can trust.

Qneiform is a Budapest, London, and Netherlands-based startup building a talent identification and hiring platform for specific industries like finance and law, that was founded by Thomas Percy, a former hedge-fund headhunter.

At Slimmer AI we and our Samen Slimmer alliance partners teamed up with Thomas to realize his vision for an amazing AI-powered platform – going beyond the industry’s most accurate and complete talent dataset, towards advanced insights and workflow functionality to give recruiters superpowers. 

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to build Qneiform with Thomas; here are our top 3 reasons:

1. An exceptional founder….

All backers of early-stage ventures know that it is first and foremost about the founder(s). Which is why, as soon as we’ve met Thomas, we knew we just had to build this venture with him! Thomas personifies the ideal founder: he has a very strong ‘north-star’ (he is not building a venture, he is changing an industry), he is super curious and competent, incredibly driven, all while being super humble, constantly seeking input and building a motivated team around him.

2. … with real industry depth…

Thomas’s vision developed over seven years of working as a headhunter. Which means he knows the industry’s challenges and opportunities, and the user’s workflows. It also gives him the network of potential customers, and experts to tap into – resulting in Qneiform already counting some of Europe’s top recruitment firms and investment funds as active clients!

3. … building a product with a real AI moat

Qneiform is an excellent example of combining a unique, defensible data position, with superior workflow functionality, to not only deliver exceptional value to users today, but to use network effects to increase value exponentially as the product and user base grow. Leveraging AI, Qneiform will go from offering a step change in efficiency, to completely altering the way people go about finding critical talent.


Qneiform is the first venture we’re building within the Samen Slimmer alliance, working with Keen Venture Partners and DFF to partner with exceptional founders to build businesses that will transform their industries with AI. Qneiform is an excellent example of this mission and we are very excited to welcome them to our portfolio!