We partner with founders to improve people's work

We invest in and co-build with inspiring founders building new B2B SaaS companies that use AI to disrupt the status quo.

People Powered

People Powered

We are an AI B2B venture studio—your invested co-builder

Consider us your day-to-day sparring partner, champion and coach. From co-building your MVP, to helping you secure fantastic launching customers: our unique ‘invested builder’ approach is the ultimate life-hack for entrepreneurs.

Every partnership is bespoke, designed around the specific strengths and needs of each founding team.

Our founders are building market-making businesses

Great businesses are built by great people. Our founders are building market-making businesses and are going further, faster, with Slimmer AI.

Founder stories

As a tech company, we’re able to give our founders a unique advantage

We love building great products. Our experience and track record in building great applied AI software spans more than 10 years.

As part of our unique offering to founders, we have experienced software and machine learning engineers dedicated to building state-of-the-art, scalable AI products. While others search for months to hire their first engineers, our founders launch an MVP, iterate based on user feedback, and sign their launching customers.

Access to an unrivaled network

Our network of experienced tech entrepreneurs, industry titans, investors, and experts have one thing in common: They are all passionate about supporting ambitious tech founders to build the next great AI companies.

While there isn’t a single playbook for success, having the right people in your corner is a proven winning move. Our network can help you land investors, talent and customers; sharing helpful advice as people that have done it before.

Here's a small snapshot from our extensive network of active advisors.

Arthur Kosten

Arthur Kosten

Helped build the world's leading travel site – Booking.com – as former CPO & CMO.

Adriaan Mol

Adriaan Mol

Co-founder of two of Europe's current fastest-growing tech unicorns—Mollie and MessageBird.

Maiekel Lobbezoo

Maiekel Lobbezoo

Joined the early team of Adyen and, as Head of Growth, helped to grow the business into a global leader and successful IPO.

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