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Slimmer AI develops software products that support industries, solves real-world challenges and takes professionals into the future

People Powered

People Powered

We help professionals focus on what matters

Slimmer AI products ‘learn’ and get smarter over time, freeing up you and your team to do less routine, repetitive work.

Spend your efforts on important decisions, and on the work where your expertise can add the most value – leveraging the best of both machines and people.

A truly impressive track-record of applying AI to real-world problems
Arthur Kosten

Arthur Kosten


Our products are rooted in deep industry knowledge

Slimmer AI has partnered with industry leaders to build innovative tech products that support businesses in measurable ways. This includes the AML compliance and transaction monitoring solution, Sentinels and our advanced NLP workflow solutions supporting the advancement of Science.

With more than a decade of experience solving some of the most critical business problems using pragmatic AI, Slimmer AI brings our Lab-to-Impact scalable approach to the Slimmer Labs venture studio.

JC Heyneke

JC Heyneke


Financial Risk and
Compliance products

At the root of financial crimes lie activities involving drugs, human trafficking and terrorism. Sentinels helps financial institutions combat those crimes by being their first line of defence.

Sentinels addresses pressing financial industry challenges faced by both banks and fintechs. To comply with constantly changing regulatory requirements it has become crucial to empower people with a sophisticated transaction monitoring system.

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We partner with:

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We are ISO certified:

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Slimmer Ventures

Our long history of applied AI has resulted in 100+ successful AI projects and two successful business units (Science and Sentinels). We're taking this lab-to-impact approach to the next level in Slimmer Ventures.

Slimmer Ventures creates, builds, and scales people-powered B2B AI solutions. We achieve this by leveraging both our past and our present: Significant experience in deploying AI solutions, an extensive network of successful entrepreneurs and a talented team of in-house innovators with a passion for product development.

Some of our innovative industry partners:

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Giuseppe Lacerenza

Giuseppe Lacerenza

Managing Director of Slimmer Ventures

People Powered AI starts with great people

Magic happens when people bring in different perspectives. We are committed to expanding diversity in our organization, as we are aware it will not only improve our products, it will help us learn and grow as people.

We hire quirky talents who dare to take a stand and explore new directions. We empower our team to be self-leading, take initiative, and experiment. Because we believe that creative and fulfilled people build the most helpful and inventive products.

Want to have an impact?

Elsa Berg

Elsa Berg

People Advisor

Learn what it’s like to be an ML Engineer at Slimmer AI!

Ayla Kangur

Ayla Kangur

Sr. Learning Engineer | Head of Responsible AI

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Heather Devereaux

Heather Devereaux

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