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We partner with innovative founders to build extraordinary companies that disrupt the status quo. ​Below are some of the companies in the Slimmer AI portfolio.


Joost van Houten is the founder and CEO at Sentinels. Sentinels uses AI to fight financial crime at global payment service providers and banks​. Launched in 2020, Sentinels raised a €7M Seed round in 2021 and is growing ARR at 5x year-over-year.

Building with Slimmer AI in the early stages was instrumental in breaking into this market and for our early traction.
Building and launching Sentinels


Alexander Sterk is the founder and CEO at Vesper. Vesper uses AI to eradicate the asymmetry of information on food commodity prices​. Launched in 2019, Vesper raised a €5M Seed round in August 2021 and is rapidly expanding into adjacencies and new markets.

I know better than to think I can do it all myself. Slimmer AI is pushing our ambition while providing practical hands-on support to me and my team. ​
Why we're excited about Vesper


Rogier is co-founder and CEO at Hadrian. Hadrian uses AI to power the first fully autonomous offensive security solution. Hadrian raised a €2.5M pre-Seed round in September 2021 and went live with their first 4 launching customers in November.

Slimmer is a hands-on, loyal and trustworthy partner, even as a second-time founder I am grateful and impressed with the value they provide.
Why we believe in Hadrian


Derek Vreeburg is co-founder and CEO at Biller. Biller uses AI for credit risk assessment to democratise B2B commerce​​. Started in May 2021, the product went live within 3 months.

Slimmer AI was our ‘experienced believer in us’. The speed at which we’ve built Biller is still absolutely mindboggling.
Why we decided to co-build with Biller

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JC Heyneke

JC Heyneke

CEO, Slimmer AI