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Qneiform is a Budapest, London, and Netherlands-based startup building an AI-powered talent identification and hiring platform for specific industries like finance and law, that was founded by Thomas Percy, a former hedge-fund headhunter.
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Caroline Korteweg and Ingrid van de Pol-Mensing are co-Founders at Uncover. Uncover uses AI to help litigators structure, manage, and analyse the documents in their case files — freeing up their time and helping them focus on winning their case. Uncover launched in June 2022 with 3 customers.
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Joost van Houten is the founder of Sentinels. Sentinels uses AI to fight financial crime at global payment service providers and banks​. Launched in 2020, Sentinels raised a €7M Seed round in 2021 and is growing ARR at 5x year-over-year. In April 2022 Slimmer AI exited Sentinels, selling a majority stake to Fenergo.
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Koala uses AI to revolutionise travel insurance products by evaluating the risk and optimising revenue generation. Koala recently raised a €2M seed round and protected over 100,000 travellers in 2022.
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Rogier Fischer is a co-founder of Hadrian. Hadrian uses AI to power the first fully autonomous offensive security solution. Hadrian raised a €10.5M round in late 2022 and was selected as MT/Sprout Start-up of the Year 2023.
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Alexander Sterk is the founder of Vesper. Vesper uses AI to eradicate the asymmetry of information on food commodity prices​. Launched in 2019, Vesper raised a €5M Seed round in August 2021 and is rapidly expanding into new markets.
Biller Founding Team
Derek Vreeburg is a co-founder at Biller. Biller uses AI for credit risk assessment to democratise B2B commerce​​. Started in May 2021, the product went live within 3 months. In January 2022 Slimmer AI exited Biller, selling a majority stake to Banking Circle.