A venture studio passionate about transforming the way people work

We build new AI ventures by partnering with exceptional founders and great VCs

Here's what you need to know about us:

We're a tech company passionate about building great products

With over 10 years of experience building applied AI software, we're experts at leveraging NLP, time-series, or computer vision AI in real-world environments to build products that truly make a difference in people's lives.

We're not interested in short-sighted AI hype

We only build products when we believe in the long-term vision of how data and AI can create a competitive advantage for our clients.

We build durable companies

Our mission is not just to make a quick buck, but to build exceptional, durable companies that positively impact people's lives. We believe in the power of people and their ability to drive meaningful change.

We believe in getting the foundational decisions right

We get involved right from the start, shaping the direction of a product or company and focus on speed-to-market while building for future scalability.

Ready to build the next big thing in AI?

A snapshot of your co-building team

Magic happens when people bring in different perspectives.

We’re an experienced team of founders, curious engineers, tech-savvy marketeers, experienced investors, and seasoned commercial operators. We share a common passion: apply AI to change the way people work.

Meet a few of the experts that will work with you:

photo of jc heyneke

JC Heyneke


25+ years experience building software businesses

photo of jennifer jaffe

Jennifer Jaffe


25+ years experience building highly scalable products

photo of rieks visser

Rieks Visser


Software delivery, agile, product owner expert

photo of maiko kamerbeek

Maiko Kamerbeek


Venture and founder sourcing and support

photo of ayla kangur

Tijana Krstic

Product Manager, product dicovery and delivery expert

photo of ali bakhtiar

Ali Bakhtiar

Senior software engineer - architecture, data, backend expert

photo of steven bosch

Steven Bosch

Senior software engineer - architecture, data, machine learning expert

photo of marcel martinelli

Santhosh Rajamanickam

Machine Learning Engineer,  NLP and cloud development expert

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